Happy New Year! Hopefully everyone had a safe new year's celebration. We have some fun things in store for everyone this year. It may still be two years until the next reunion, but it is never too early to start planning. With that in mind, hop on over to the 2002 page and find this month's activity. No, it isn't the blonde joke Olympics between Jody Perry and Jana Flatebo, but you'll still be entertained. Maybe we can get the blonde thing happening before the reunion. If we could just get them to stop alphabetizing the M&M's. With all this millennium stuff going on, the M's are everywhere! Sorry, girls, it was just too cheap and easy to pass up.

How about a new profile for the new year? Just send your photos and information to Rose and Gene or Karin, and we'll post it for everyone to see. Those new holiday photos would be perfect!

Check out the Fund It page to see our progress on the reunion fund. It's growing....

And we have a few more pictures to share with you, too. Just look in the Photo Album.

Keep in touch!







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